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Welcome to Zero Carbon Bristol

What is Zero Carbon?

Zero Carbon is the 'tipping point' where, instead of increasing carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and the like, emissions stop growing.  It's not possible to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions completely, so zero carbon means as much carbon dioxide is being captured – sequestered – as is being emitted. This state is called 'carbon neutral' – see this good definition on Wikipedia.

What is Zero Carbon Bristol?

I was an event -- and it remains the vision --  to explore the possibility of Bristol as a leading Green Capital becoming a Zero Carbon City.  It builds on Bristol's Peak Oil Report, and the ambitious goals announced by Bristol City Council to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2020 – and aspirations to produce the City's energy renewably and to increase tree cover in the region.  This is to take things a step further – to see if Zero Carbon is possible, desirable, and if so what do we need to do? It's a chance to learn, to discuss, perchance to plan.


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Council Leader welcomes Conference

Watch the leader of Bristol City Council, Barbara Janke's video Welcome to Zero Carbon Bristol, in which she welcomes the conference, explains Bristol's commitment to being a Green Capital, and looks forward to hearing the outcome and working together with us...

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